Online Communication for financial planners.

We help you keep in touch with your clients.

Online Communication

Are you struggling to stay in touch with your clients?

Become the person your clients love to hear from.

We create lifestyle financial planning content (whitelabelled or custom) for your blogs and newsletters - every month.
You can jump in and add your own stuff, or leave it all up to us.
And, you can start today.

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Chat with Tim - he created this service and has spent hundreds of hours understanding what you need.

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Once we know what you need, we will send through everything to get you up and running, and keep it running!

Grow your business

With the ongoing online communication taken care of, you can focus on growing your business.

Keep in touch

Keep in touch.
Keep your clients.

This is something that many financial planners around the world struggle with. We help you stay in touch so that your clients can be aware of the great value you add to their lives.

This way, you get to keep your clients.


The integrated
online brand

Simply having a page on Facebook has proven to be ineffective for financial advisers.

We have found the ideal balance of online tools to help you stay in touch with your clients in a way that keeps adding value.

How it works

If you want to keep your clients, you need to keep in touch.

Staying in touch with your clients is so much simpler when you have a team building your website, writing weekly blogs for you and sending out a monthly newsletter to your clients for you.

We’re that team.

Monthly newsletter

We design, write and distribute a monthly email from you to your clients; keeping it professional and personal.


We write weekly lifestyle financial planning blogs, add engaging pictures and put them on your website for you.


We design and build professional financial planner websites and customize yours to work for you.


You can spend more time with your clients and less time trying to write content for your blogs, upload them to your website, set up newsletters and remembering to send them out regularly.

Who is actually using Contatto?

We currently have a healthy mix of independent financial advisors, tied agents and brokerages/franchises.

Tied Advisers

Now, more than ever, financial planners need to leverage their  online brand to stay in touch.

Tim has helped our business set up a great new website, he produces our blog content and monthly newsletters. We recently attended his online training sessions, helping us better understand and leverage our online presence.

I found this very helpful and informative; Tim has the ability to demystify very foreign concepts and bring the message across in a quick and efficient manner. Highly recommended!

Bryan Nicol

Now, more than ever, financial
planners need to leverage their
online brand to stay in touch.

We help you to do this.

How much does it cost?

only USD 100 /m

Six blogs | Monthly newsletter | Backups and updates
(please contact us for a quote on custom content)

Need a website?

If you have your own WordPress site, (and you like it) we can use that.

Contatto Lite
USD 450 (once off)

Simple, one page profile site for planners who want to talk about process and relationship

Contatto Vantage
USD 650 (once off)

Slightly bigger than Lite, this site speaks to products and services, and comes with three bonus articles.

Contatto North
USD 1100 (once off)

With a video landing experience, and four months of backdated blogs, this is our premium planner site.

(Hosting is not included in the above fees.)

Fully customizable

If the template options are not for you, or the whitelabelled blogs don’t suit your specialist area, we can craft a unique brand strategy and content management schedule for you.


If you’re sitting with a list of questions, it’s probably best to book an intro call, but you can browse through some of these too.


Do I have to write the blogs myself?

Nope - we do all the work for you. We write the blogs, upload them to your website, add a featured image and email you once the blog has gone live. We also write, setup and send your monthly email campaign for you.



Can I use the blogs on Social Media or WhatsApp?

Absolutely! The content we create is perfect for short-form sharing - this is useful for everything from LinkedIn to direct messaging with clients. Our goal is to help you stay in touch with great conversation sparkers.



What if I don’t have a website?

The integrated approach of our tools works best when you have a personal website, or are linked to a main company website. This is our main reason for creating the templated websites.



Can you send emails ‘as me’ to my clients?

Yes we can! And… we do. Your monthly email campaign is sent through a MailChimp account that you set up and own (we can help you with this too.)


Keep it real.
The personal touch.

It’s important to keep your online brand as authentic and personal as possible, whilst still being professional and accessible.

From your website to your social media, we help you keep it professional, personal and authentic.

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We’ve helped hundreds of
financial advisers.

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