Frequently Asked Questions

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We write all the blogs based on our own research and understanding of public relations, writing for the media and online audiences, and supporting you as a financial advisor. You can view all our blogs on the demo site – a new one gets added every week. If there is something you’d like to add, we can definitely accommodate.

Our team is gifted and skilled at both writing and design. Tim Slatter, our Director, has a degree in Public Relations and over 15 years experience in a host of varied industries where he has managed and lead multiple channels of communication, marketing and leadership development using the latest technology and techniques in a creative new way. We also have a financial-planner-journalist and several financial planners who collaborate with us for content that is time specific to events in the economical landscape.

We will create a MailChimp account for you. You can log in at any time and simply add clients to your list as and when you meet with them.

What most of our planners do is they build it into their initial FNA meeting, saying that as a new client, they will be added to your monthly newsletter. They can unsubscribe at any stage as the newsletter will have two places to do that.

After each newsletter, you can log into your MailChimp profile, which will give you access to loads of valuable reports including opens and clicks – you will be able to see exactly who opens your emails, and how many times they’ve opened it. That’s POWERFUL intelligence!

Yes, we will need an excel spreadsheet with three columns: First Name, Surname, Email.

This database is yours and yours alone. It is only ever used to send out your monthly email and is uploaded into your MailChimp account. It is illegal for us to use your database for any other purpose other than what is instructed by you.

Everything is customisable. Some features of your website and newsletter will be customised to you anyway when we create it, so there would be no additional cost here. If you wanted to customise beyond the standard features, we would quote you first.

For blogs – you can add your own or email us your ideas. If it’s unique to you, there may be an additional charge, but if it’s something we could use for general content to all planners, there would be no charge.

The newsletter is created to be as personal as possible, whilst retaining general financial and newsworthy principles. If you wanted to write your own intro, or add an announcement – like ‘MOVING OFFICES…’ you can let us know before the middle of the month, and we’ll add it for you. If you want major customisations or a very specific mailer to go out, we would quote you first. One of our planners hosted a Whiskey Tasting for his private clients, so we designed the invite for him and it went out separately to the main newsletter.

Yes – definitely!

The way we keep the site design so affordable, is to use a cookie cut layout that is populated with your information. If you take a look at the application form you’ll see what customisations you will be able to make.

The standard layout is designed to grab attention immediately, be fully responsive on any device, display the latest blogs quickly and easily, and have your clients contact you with painless ease. The live demo (view it here) is a good example of the basic layout – having used a green spot colour.

Whilst this all pertains to the standard Contatto service, as fully-loaded ORM agency, we can design anything for you – please just ask us for a quote!


We have built completely custom sites for clients (in and out of the financial sector) – you can always add to the base of what we build for Contatto. One of the reasons we have chosen to build this service on WordPress is because of its flexibility and access to increased functionality.

No. Should you need assistance with hosting, please let us know in your application.

Plugins are a little tricky… in theory, yes, but there may be compatibility issues with other plugins that we’ve already used. This is rare, and we can test it for you. All our websites are built on WordPress.

Once you’ve applied, we send you an agreement document in which there is an email confidentiality clause that says we are only allowed to use your database for communication as instructed by you.

Click here to read it now.

In other words, your database will only receive your newsletter and anything else that you’ve asked us to send them. We don’t sell lists or use them for any other communication purposes. We are essentially an online PR agency, so we don’t really do much marketing, our focus is relationship building and maintenance.

The setup fee includes the full blog archive (over 150 posts), first month of blogs (ie. the month in which you start) as well as the first newsletter.

Your financial planner website and newsletter will take around five working days to setup, if we have all the correct info from you.  The newsletter goes out at the end of the month, so as long as we have your database by around the 20th, you’re good.
PROFESSIONAL TIP: To speed things up, we can use your LinkedIn profile to populate your website.

The short answer – no. But… there may be cost implications if you want to move hosting.

You can host through us (we use WebAfrica), or with your existing Host. You could sign up with WebAfrica, Hetzner or Afrihost (or any other!), register your domain and hook up a hosting package.

It needs to be Linux based hosting with a one-click WordPress install.

This way – you have complete ownership of your domain and your hosting. We build the Contatto sites in WordPress, which means you can add/change anything – any time.

If your site is on our hosting package, and you choose to move, there would be a fee to move the site across to your new hosting company. Please enquire for a quote as this depends on how big your site is.